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Houston, TX | $2,964,072

Acquisition & Rehab

Drawing upon extensive experience and an impressive multi-family portfolio, our client approached BridgeCo with a compelling opportunity—to finance the acquisition of a diverse portfolio comprising 10 multi-family properties. Recognizing the urgency of a quick closing, BridgeCo efficiently navigated the process, showcasing our commitment to agility and effectiveness. In an impressive feat, we funded the deal within two weeks, enabling our client to swiftly rehabilitate the properties. Subsequently, the properties were successfully sold in a timely manner, highlighting the collaborative efforts of both our borrower and BridgeCo in seizing and capitalizing on strategic real estate opportunities.

Lockhart, TX | $7,200,000

Cash-out Refinance

Drawing on their extensive experience in real estate development, the borrower strategically utilized the funds to refinance a seller note tied to the property. This land, pivotal for the creation of a comprehensive master-planned community predominantly featuring single-family residences, became the focal point of the borrower’s vision. Recognizing the time-sensitive nature of the endeavor, BridgeCo expedited the process, leveraging our borrower’s profound expertise in the field. In an impressive feat, we funded the deal within two weeks, playing a pivotal role in bridging the financial gap and propelling the borrower to the next stage of development.

Houston, TX | $4,100,000

Cash-out Refinance

The borrower strategically utilized the funds to refinance existing loans on their properties, concurrently securing a cash-out portion to facilitate the buyout of three partners. Recognizing the time-sensitive nature of the transaction, BridgeCo harnessed the robust financial position of the parent company, coupled with the cash flow generated from the subject property, to seamlessly fund the loan within one week.

Wimberly, TX | $8,715,000


BridgeCo seized the opportunity presented to us when the borrower encountered a pressing deadline for Phase 2 of their master-planned community development project. Despite having secured approval from a conventional lender, the borrower faced a challenge as the lender couldn’t meet the stringent timeline. Leveraging our streamlined approval process, we successfully facilitated the funding needed to meet the borrower’s closing date, completing the deal within two weeks.

Austin, TX | $850,000

Cash-out Refinance

With a robust background in real estate construction, our experienced borrower approached BridgeCo seeking to refinance an existing loan on a property nearing its renewal date. Bridging the financial needs seamlessly, we not only assisted in refinancing the loan before its maturity but also facilitated a cash-out portion. Recognizing the time-sensitive nature of the borrower’s requirements, BridgeCo expedited the process and funded the deal within two weeks. This additional capital empowers our client to embark on the construction of a new project in the vibrant Austin, TX area.